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DC Universe Online Metal Release Date | Will the DCUO new episodes come to Switch?

DC Universe Online is still going strong, despite originally launching on the PS3 in 2011, and has just this week launched on Nintendo Switch. Developer Daybreak has kept the game updated throughout the years with a steady stream of new Episodes, which add new stories, scenarios, costumes, powers and more to the game. The last episode, Justice League Dark, was released in March, and players are eagerly anticipating the DC Universe Online Metal release date, which introduces the latest Episodes to DCUO.

These two new DC Universe Online Episodes will bring the popular recent Dark Nights: Metal comic story to the game in two parts, but when are they coming out? Most importantly for new players on Switch, will this Metal event be coming to Switch at the same time? What will be included with both Episodes? We’ve got the answers to all these questions below, including a run-down of what Dark Knights: Metal was all about.

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What is the DC Universe Online Metal release date?

Previous DC Universe Online Episodes release a few months apart. The Justice League Dark and the Atlantis Episodes released five months apart, for example, so as Justice League Dark released in March we’re well overdue for the next Episode, Metal. However, the storyline is actually split into two Episodes which do not release at the same time, so there is a different DC Universe Online Metal release date for each.

The first Episode will be the 35th DC Universe Online Episode released, and is simply titled Metal Part I. This comes out next month, in September. The second part of the storyline, Episode 36: Metal Part II, is planning for launch in December this year, so a lot sooner than the normal gap between DC Universe Online Episodes. But what about the Switch version?

Are the DCUO new episodes coming to Switch at the same time?

So the release dates for the DC Universe Online Metal Episodes are September and December, but what platforms are those down for? Presumably the regular playerbases on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 will get it at the same time, but what about the new Nintendo Switch version? Will that get the two Metal Episodes, and if so, will Switch users get them at the same time? It’s good news on all fronts for Switch users, as Daybreak has confirmed that Metal Episodes I and II will launch simultaneously across all platforms, including Switch.

What is included in the two DCUO new episodes?

Just like previous DC Universe Online Episodes, Metal will introduce various new bits of content to the game. Both Metal Episodes will be large-scale episodes, with event content available to all levels for a limited time. Both will have single-player and multiplayer content within new, twisted locations, which could include anywhere from the Dark Multiverse. There will be a selection of new loot to be earned too, including new gear, styles, artifacts, base items, and feats. Most importantly, it will introduce new villains, including the creepy Batman Who Laughs.

What is Dark Nights: Metal?

DC Universe Online Metal release date batman who laughs

Dark Nights: Metal was one of the more recent big DC Comics crossover events, running between June 2017 and April 2018, with the ramifications still being explored in the comics today. Metal introduced the idea of a Dark Multiverse, a universe filled with possibilities that simply weren’t meant to be. The ancient god of these doomed dimensions, Barbatos, invades the regular DC universe with the help of seven alternate Batmen. These Dark Knights are Batmen from universes where Batman was forced to confront and take over the powers of each member of the Justice League, with the exception of The Batman Who Laughs—a Batman completely lost to Joker venom. It was an epic and extremely dark story arc, so it’ll be interesting to see how it’s adapted into the MMO.