Ninja Phone Number | How to text Ninja

Image Source: Ninja/YouTube

Since leaving Twitch and going to Mixer, Ninja has been in the spotlight a lot. In addition to the surprising news that he would be leaving Twitch, Ninja has decided to make another surprising move. Not long ago, Ninja leaked his own phone number on Twitter, allowing his fans to text him directly. If you’ve always wanted to reach out to Ninja and send him a personalized message or challenge him to a 1v1 game, now is your chance. Here is everything you need to know about the Ninja phone number release.

Ninja Phone Number | Can I really text Ninja?

If you’re like most, you might be a little skeptical of the fact that you can actually text Ninja. However, the phone number that he released on Twitter is real and you can send him a message. While it probably isn’t his personal phone number, this is a live number that can be used to reach him when he is available to check them. In a recent video on Twitter, Ninja said that he has been getting tens of thousands of messages and is trying to respond to as many as possible. He also wants people to know that he really is getting the messages and is encouraging fans to keep sending them.

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Ninja also said that he has been getting a lot of positive comments about his switch to Mixer. This was quite a surprising move, since he had built up a huge following on Twitch. However, in a video he released surrounding the move to Mixer, Ninja said that “this was a really good chance to get back in touch with my roots and remember why I fell in love with streaming in the first place.” If you don’t know much about Ninja, he got his start streaming Halo, which is leading some to believe that Ninja could be preparing to be the headline streamer for Halo Infinite.

No one really knows what the future hold for Ninja, but you can always ask him yourself!