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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 13) | What’s changed in the weekly reset today?

It’s Destiny 2 weekly reset time. The reset for August 13 is here and, as ever, we’re here to bring you all of the information you’ll need for this week’s reset. In our guide, you’ll find out when the weekly reset today is, including its reset time. That’s not all though, so dive into our Destiny 2 weekly reset article to learn all there is to know about the changes and improvements for this week.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 13) | When is the weekly reset time today?

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

Today’s reset will occur at 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET, and 6 PM BST. That hasn’t changed since last week, or since March really, but new and returning players will need to know when the Destiny 2 weekly reset is occurring.

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This will remain the same time for the reset each week until October too. We’ll let you know the exact date that this time changes nearer the time though.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 13) | What’s changed in the Destiny 2 weekly reset?

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

Starting us off for this week is the customary reset of those weekly challenges. The Ritual Reset page details exactly what tasks have been reset for this week, and you’ll get a pop-up notification about them too when you log in to the game after the reset has occurred.

The Year 2 Solstice of Heroes event is still going on, and you’ll be able to journey to the European Aerial Zone this week to partake in new missions and challenges. You can still get your Year 2 Armor set, emblem, and Sparrow if you haven’t already, so get to work on getting those rewards, Guardians.

The hotfix will be getting patched in today as well. Server maintenance will begin at 9 AM PT, 12 PM ET, and 5 PM BST and should be completed within a two-hour window.

Xur is on his way out again now that the weekly reset that turned up. As always, he’ll be back on Friday so check back here then to find out about his new deals.