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No Man’s Sky 2.06 Update Patch Notes

The No Man’s Sky 2.06 update patch notes have been shared by developer Hello Games. This is the fourth patch since the Beyond update dropped, with the dev looking to fix as many crashing issues as possible, in as little time as possible. While the Beyond update was impressive in the amount of content it added to the game, it unfortunately also introduced a number of problems that have prevented players from enjoying the new DLC. This new No Man’s Sky update, which is rolling out across PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 16, implements more bug fixes which should hopefully allow players to experience Beyond without issue.

No Man’s Sky 2.06 Update Patch Notes

No Man's Sky 2.06 Update Patch Notes

As has been the case with all patches rolled out post-Beyond, it is PC players who will first be able to download and install the No Man’s Sky 2.06 update. Once the Sony and Microsoft certification process has been carried out, which takes a little time, both PS4 and Xbox One users will then see the 2.06 update available for download.

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Beyond patch 2.06 includes a total of eight highlighted bug fixes, which target a number of crashing issues. These include crashes tied to disconnecting from multiplayer, crashes on the controller remapping screen, and more. You can read the full list below.

No Man’s Sky 2.06 bug fixes

  • Fix for instance rendering crash.
  • Added improved warnings for GPU issues.
  • Added improved warnings for Vulkan driver support.
  • Fix for incorrect fullscreen or max size on 4k/scaled displays.
  • Fix for uninitialised render buffer returned from API.
  • Fix for crash when incorrect number of freighters spawn.
  • Fix for crash when disconnecting from Multiplayer in UI.
  • Fix for crash on controller remapping screen.

Developer Hello Games has rolled out a significant number of updates since the Beyond launch. It’s clear that the devs are looking to rapidly squash as many bugs as possible.