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Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition Pre-order Guide

EA and Ghost Games have revealed the Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition that you’ll want to get your hands on. This special version of the racing title comes with some pre-order bonuses that the Standard Edition won’t come packaged with. To get the lowdown on what additional goodies you’ll get for your cash, look no further than our Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition guide. It’ll provide you with a rundown on what bonuses you’ll get, so check it out or miss out.

Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition | Pre-order bonuses

Let’s waste no time in checking out the Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition pre-order bonuses. If you pre-purchase the next installment in the franchise, you’ll bag yourself five goodies as a thank-you.

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First up is the K.S Edition starter car. There are no details on how this car will be superior to the normal one, or how it’ll look either. Rest assured, however, that it’ll be mightier and look cooler, otherwise there wouldn’t be any point making noises about it. You’ll also earn yourself three extra K.S Edition cars as you progress through the game. While EA declined to comment on where you’ll unlock these exactly, you’ll be given them at some point.

You’ll also unlock four exclusive character outfits and be given boosts to your Rep and Bank once the game launches. Rep will play a significant role in how you’re perceived in-game by AI racers, and maybe even online players if there’s to be an online component to the game. This will allow you to unlock bigger races and better car parts. Bank, meanwhile, is earned from races and allows you to upgrade and customize your high-performance cars.

Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition | Standard Edition differences

Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition

If you’re curious about how these two versions differ, allow us to fill you in. Simply put, the Standard Edition will only earn you the K.S Edition starter car as a pre-order bonus. You won’t get any other extras, so bear this in mind before you part with your money.