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No Man’s Sky Salvaged Data | How to find Buried Technology Modules

No Man’s Sky has gone through lots of ebbs and flows since its initial release. The latest Beyond update has brought even more life to the game and a bunch of new players. As you’re making your way through the game, you’re going to find that you need to have something called Salvaged Data in order to cook, tame animals, power up your base and more. Salvaged Data comes from Buried Technology Modules and are essential to progressing in the game. As you begin playing, you’ll quickly find out that you’re going to need a lot of Salvaged Data. Our No Man’s Sky Salvaged Data guide will help you find all of the Buried Technology Modules you could ever need.

No Man’s Sky Salvaged Data | How to find Buried Technology Modules

No Man’s Sky Salvaged Data

As you’re playing No Man’s Sky, you’ll find that you need Salvaged Data to buy blueprints for your base, among other things. Thankfully, you can find Salvaged Data on pretty much every planet in the game. Once you’re on a planet, you’re going to want to use your Suit Scanner to look for small symbols that resemble the WiFi icon.

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Once you’ve located the icons, you’ll have found some Buried Technology Modules that you need to dig up. Make your way to the symbol and pull out your Multi-Tool. You can use this to dig up the Buried Technology Modules, which can then be searched for Salvaged Data.

If you’re not familiar with the Multi-Tool, it is one of the essential pieces of equipment that players need in order to harvest various resources, including Salvaged Data. Every player will start off with the base model, the Waveform Focuser N56-P, and can upgrade it as they progress through the game. If you want to upgrade your Multi-Tool, you’ll need to save up some Units and then visit the Multi-Tool merchant in a space station. Upgrading your Multi-Tool will give you unique bonuses that will make your life a whole lot easier.