Gears Pop Release Date | iOS and Android

The Gears Pop release date has finally been announced. The adorable Gears spin-off title, which will be released on iOS and Android in the near future, is set to come to smartphones at long last after its launch date was made official at Gamescom. If you want to know when it’ll be available to download and play, you’ll want to read our Gears Pop release date guide. It’ll give you all of the details you’ll need to know, so have a read and prepare to do battle.

When is the Gears Pop release date?

Gears Pop release date

As we mentioned, the Gears Pop release date was revealed during Gamescom. It was announced on the Inside Xbox Mixer livestream and also tweeted out company representatives in charge of the official Gears Pop Twitter account, which you can view below.

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Without further ado, then, Gears Pop will launch on Thursday, August 22. That’s certainly a bolt out of the blue as it’s been a while since we had heard anything of note about the game. The wait to play it is nearly over, though, so you might want to make room on your smartphone in order to install it without any issues on launch day.

Gears Pop is a collaboration between Funko Pop and Microsoft-owned studio The Coalition. It takes the Gears formula that you’ve come to know and love and makes it more arcade-y and kid-friendly than its predecessors. Gears Pop will be a free-to-play game, and as is tradition with these kind of smartphone titles, will offer in-app purchases if you want to spend real cash. Bear this in mind before you download it.

You can pre-register to play the game on the Google Play and App stores now. If you do, you’ll be alerted as to when you can download and install it on release day.