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How to beat Gorefist in Remnant From the Ashes

Remnant From the Ashes is a very challenging game with several bosses, often drawing comparisons to the Soulsborne titles. Gorefist, one of the first bosses that you’ll meet, dwells in the sewers and he may be hard, but not impossible. Gorefist is a massive tank boss with melee attacks that will chase you relentlessly, not unlike Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head. The arena is reasonably large, and you’ll have to use that to your advantage, escaping when you need to heal and to avoid the dangerous minions that it spawns. But here’s a more detailed breakdown on how to beat Gorefist in Remnant From Ashes.

How to Beat Gorefist in Remnant From Ashes| Tips and tricks

How to beat Gorefist

The first thing that you should be aware when you reach Gorefist is that mastering dodge rolls is crucial in Remnant From the Ashes. This tactic will get you out of many troubling situations, as you can easily see when Gorefist is getting ready to swipe his hulking sword. However, be aware of your stamina bar because you may end up without any chance of escaping. As soon as you see Gorefist charging his attack (the red glow), get back as quickly as you can because his next swipe will have a bigger reach and could drain most of your health.

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Gorefist isn’t alone in this battle, spawning dangerous pink blobs that explode when they get near you. The toxic gas will infect you with Root Rot, making you cough uncontrollably and in the most awkward moments, so you must make sure to avoid this. As soon as you hear the blobs approaching – they make a distinct buzzing sound – you need to focus your attention on them. You may return to shooting or hammering down Gorefist only when the area is clear for a few seconds.

The beast also isn’t extremely resourceful but he is very resilient. Get some distance between you and shoot him with everything that you’ve got. If you are playing in a party of two or three, the best approach is having one player distracting him while the other player uses his melee attack to dish heavy damage.

Don’t forget to always scour the area after defeating a boss; every bit of scrap and other materials is essential to upgrade your gear, especially after defeating a boss. Each boss drops a special item that can be used to craft a new weapon back in Ward 13.