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Madden 20 Auto Subs | How to keep your players in the game

We’ve all been there, it’s late in the game and one of your wide receivers has just made a huge play. Since he is hot, you’re planning to look his way as your first option if he is open on the next play. You’ve found the perfect route and are lining up at the line of scrimmage, only to realize that your star player has been subbed out. Thanks to Madden 20 auto subs, a lot of players are finding themselves in this situation. Here is how to turn off auto subs and keep your players in the game.

How to turn off Madden 20 auto subs

Madden 20 Auto Subs

While the mechanic itself is designed to help prevent injuries, fumbles, and dropped passes, the auto sub feature in Madden 20 can sometimes be incredibly annoying. The idea behind it is that once your player reaches a certain level of fatigue, they will automatically be subbed out until they have recovered to a specific level. For example, if each player starts out at a 100 stamina level and the sub out level is set to 75, they will be subbed out any time a player reaches 75 until they reach the sub in level.

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Sadly, you can’t really turn off the Madden 20 auto subs feature, but you can tweak the setting so that your players stay in the game longer. However, it is worth noting that when you do this, you greatly increase the chance of fumbles and dropped passes on offense and missed tackles on defense, among other things. Nonetheless, if you’re determined to keep your players in the game, you’ll want to go into the settings and find the auto sub sliders.

Once you’ve found them, you’ll want to set the sub out and sub in numbers as low as possible. For example, if you set sub out at zero and sub in at one, then your players will only be subbed out when they are at a stamina level of zero (we are honestly not even sure if that’s even possible) and then subbed back in once they regain one level of stamina. While this may be an extreme example, it should help get the point across about how the Madden 20 auto subs setting works. Hopefully, EA Tiburon will patch in the ability to let players turn off auto subbing.