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When speaking to a merchant, "Bye" means you want to leave the conversation. To Buy/Sell, press Trade.

Smash wooden barrels to find gold.

Restoration potions serve a dual purpose by replenishing both Health and Energy.

To view your inventory, stats, talents, quests and the map, press the backpack icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Tap an item to see what it does.

Access Stealth by pressing and holding the Camera Mode button on the top right. This also switches from third to first person if tapped quickly.

Spend Talent Points on Stealth, subcategory Master Thief to increase the chance of picking locks.

You cannot fast travel during combat.

You need to visit an area for it to be made available for fast travel.

When attacked by superior numbers or a single powerful foe, try and tie them up in scenery while you heal and throw in the odd shot.

Keep hold of found equipment, even if it's the same as, or inferior to, your current one. You can sell them for good money.