Box art - Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes Junktown | How to find the Twisted Mask

Remnant From The Ashes is out now, the latest game from Gunfire Games, the developer behind the Darksiders series, and it’s a third-person shooter with more than a little influence from Dark Souls. There are many secret items to find in the game, and one of the most awkward to get is the Twisted Mask. This weird wooden mask has a couple of neat bonuses, and you’ll have to venture to Remnant From The Ashes’ Junktown to get it. Here’s what you’ll need to do beyond that to get this secret item, what it does, and how to unlock its full potential. We’ll also show you how to access Junktown in the first place, which is easier said than done in an instanced game like this.

How to get the Remnant From The Ashes Junktown location

As mentioned above, your main stop to get the Twisted Mask is Junktown on Earth. Head here, and unfortunately this is where it gets annoying, since the next part is an instanced quest. You’ll need to find the Mad Merchant, who should be right nearby as you enter Junktown, but if the area didn’t spawn for you, you’ll just have to keep re-rolling until it does. You can also access it through a friend if they’ve been to Junktown, although you’ll almost certainly wipe all quests and progress on Earth for you if you do it this way. You’ll keep your level and all your gear, at least.

How to get the Twisted Mask

If you’ve finally got access to Junktown, congratulations, that’s the really hard part over and done with. At you’ve unlocked the location you can access it at any point through one of the fast travel and checkpoint crystals. Once you’ve traveled to the Junktown location, head into the area just past the sign and you should encounter a character called the Mad Merchant. He’ll be a little wary of you, and probably will be talking to himself when you come in.

You’ll also notice that he’s wearing a strange wooden mask. This is the Twisted Mask you’re after, but unfortunately there’s no way to buy it off of him. You’ll have to pry it off his cold, dead corpse. However, you can’t just walk in and initiate a fight with him, you’ll have to talk to him first, and antagonize him so much that he attacks you. You need to pick these specific dialogue options in order to get him riled up enough to fight you:

  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Are you a scavenger?”
  • “What’s with the mask?”
  • “That mask is doing something to you.”
  • “Let me see the mask now.”

Once you’ve killed him, search his body and claim the Twisted Mask for yourself. He’s not too difficult to beat, just take cover away from his shotgun blasts. Hopefully you won’t go mad like he did.

What is the Twisted Mask?

The Twisted Mask isn’t necessarily the best mask in the game, you’re more after it for its value as a secret, but it has some nice little bonuses. It offers decent protection, especially to the ROT value, and it slowly regenerates health over time. More importantly, you can also get a decent extra trait that boosts armor. Here’s how.

What you need to do once you have the Twisted Mask

Once you’ve got the Twisted Mask you’ll need to get access to the Wailing Wood. Once you’ve spawned in, head to the Wailing Tree. Make sure you’re wearing the mask, and speak to it. After a short conversation, the tree will upgrade the mask with the trait “Bark Skin,” which gives a percentage boost to the mask’s armor value. Not too bad at all.