Box art - RAD Soldiers

RAD Soldiers iPhone Cheats


The bigger the cross-hair is, the more damage you'll do if you take a shot from a certain position. Also think of how much damage you might take from that position on the next turn.

If you conserve energy at the end of your turn, your soldiers will return fire.

If you think you've made a mistake, or you wanna try a different approach, you can hit the Undo button to rewind your moves.

Sometimes, wiping out the enemy is easier than just holding the rocket.

A well-armed soldier is always more use than two raw and ready recruits.

Think you'll be left exposed after your turn if you attack!? Look for shield icons on the ground. A red shield is good, yellow shield is even better.

Wait until two or more are within the blast radius to inflict maximum damage against the enemy squad by throwing a granade.

Balance your troops with light and heavy solders for best game.