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Modern Warfare 2019 Alpha FPS Drops fix

If the Modern Warfare 2019 alpha FPS drops are getting you down, don’t fret, as there are a few settings that you can tweak to get the game running more smoothly. What’s more, developer Infinity Ward is already on the case with some fixes, so expect new updates to be rolling out soon to help squash bugs, glitches, and aid better performance. For now, have a read of our Modern Warfare 2019 alpha FPS drops fix guide, which should help prevent your game from dropping frames and chugging.

How to stop Modern Warfare 2019 alpha FPS drops

Modern Warfare 2019 Alpha FPS Drops fix

FPS drops in any game are no fun to deal with. Inconsistent frame-rates and frame times are jarring to the user, making an experience that should be smooth and easy to follow, become juddery and frustrating. This is especially true for a shooter like Modern Warfare 2019. While we understand that the game is in an alpha state, which is expected to have a long list of bugs and glitches to fix, it’s still no fun to have to deal with FPS drops.

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To help with the FPS drops in Modern Warfare 2019, you can do a few things:

Turn off “Motion Blur” in the settings menu

While it may look cool, motion blur is a graphical option that demands additional resources from your PS4 hardware. While it may hide ugly jaggies and textures when the player is moving quickly, it’s worth sacrificing for a more competitive experience.  Disable both “World Motion Blur” and “Weapon Motion Blur” in the General options menu.

Await further updates

With the developers monitoring the players reaction to the Modern Warfare 2019 alpha, you can be sure that they’ve heard complaints about the FPS drops on the Pine map. Hopefully we’ll receive some kind of official fix before the alpha ends.