CouRage bids OP Fortnite Brute Mechs ‘good riddance’ following eventual nerf

Following his recent rage quit from a Fortnite tournament which could have seen him win $400,000 in Epic Games’ 100-player online battle royale game, caused by the controversial Season X addition of the incredibly powerful B.R.U.T.E. Mechs, Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop saw fit to publically praise their eventual nerf. The CouRage Fortnite Brute Mechs comments came via Twitter, where the 100 Thieves content creator bid them “good riddance,” despite their continued presence in the game. No doubt this is due to Brutes now being much less of a deciding factor in the fate of skilled players and overall outcome of a match, regardless of the player piloting the mech.

Developer Epic Games originally stated that Brute Mechs being overpowered was fully intentional, as they were designed in order to give players of lower skill levels a realistic chance of claiming an otherwise elusive Victory Royale. Naturally, those dedicated players which had devoted the time to become proficient in Fortnite weren’t too pleased about this method of leveling the playing field, prompting some high-profile figures like professional streamer Dakotaz and renowned DJ Marshmello to openly blast Brute Mechs on social media.

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The wider Fortnite community also wasn’t too impressed, with one particularly hot Reddit post lampooning the casual-friendly game design said to be employed by Epic Games. It proposed a new weapon be added to the game in the form of a grenade which instantly wins the match when thrown. After much criticism and even more delay, Epic finally heeded the word of their community recently when they significantly downgraded Brute Mechs to the extent that they now don’t almost guarantee the player piloting them a win.

Specific changes to Brutes include reduced mobility and a reduction to the number of missiles which can be fired simultaneously, which have mostly been positively received, as evidenced by CouRage’s comments on Twitter. Others remain unimpressed that they’re still present at all, but at least the nerf is a step in the right direction.