Marshmello Fortnite mech tweet condemns Epic Games’ Season 10 addition

The controversy surrounding Epic Games’ Season 10 addition of powerful Brute (B.R.U.T.E.) Mechs to the massively successful 100-player battle royale game continued today when Marshmello posted a Fortnite mech tweet openly speaking out against the Brute’s inclusion. Real name Christopher Comstock, the successful American music producer and DJ—who made history earlier this year by collaborating with Epic to perform a live virtual concert within Fortnite—sent out a tweet echoing the sentiment of many players by simply saying “Vault the mech!!!!”

The tweet was a response to a seemingly unrelated announcement from the official Fortnite Twitter account that the developers would be collaborating with electronic dance music group Major Lazer. Marshmello displaying any form of public negativity towards Fortnite came as a surprise to many since he’s not just a documented superfan of the online battle royal shooter, but also earns proceeds from the sale of several Marshmello-themed cosmetic skins and emotes that appear as paid DLC within the game.

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Perhaps that explains why the musician appears to have since deleted the tweet in question, though not before it was archived, shared, and blown up across Reddit. It’s easy to sympathize with Marshmello, however, as he isn’t the first celebrity that’s felt the need to speak out against the Fortnite Brute Mechs: Exclusive Mixer streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has also criticized them, as has professional Fortnite streamer Dakotaz, who stated that they wouldn’t “spend another dime” on the free-to-play game until its Brute Mech is gone.

Still, the game’s celebrity contingent makes up a very small portion of the gamers leveling criticism at the Brute’s Season 10 introduction. Many people believe that the time they devoted to getting good at Fortnite was wasted, due to Epic Games’ comments on the brute Mech serving to give new players a fighting chance at a winning a match. That design philosophy led the disgruntled community to create the supposed ultimate Fortnite weapon—a grenade that instantly wins the match when thrown.