Dakotaz Brute Mechs tweet puts Fortnite on blast

A recent Dakotaz Brute Mechs tweet voices the professional Fortnite streamer’s displeasure over the presence of the powerful Season X addition. Many online have said that the game’s Brute Mechs (stylized as B.R.U.T.E.) are in fact overpowered, calling for Fortnite developer Epic Games to remove them from the game entirely until they can be properly balanced. In response, Epic has claimed that the Brute Mechs are intentionally very powerful, and the team hopes that they’ll allow more casual Fortnite players to grab a Victory Royale.

The statement was put out as part of a blog post titled “Fortnite and the B.R.U.T.E.” — penned after the community somewhat forced Epic Games’ hand with the Twitter hashtag “#RemoveTheMech” — but many higher skilled players have taken issue with that approach to game design. The way that group of players sees it, the behemoth battle royale title is forcing its most devoted fans to the periphery in favor of those who devote less time and money to the product. Frankly, Epic Games are caught between a rock and a hard place where the Brute Mech issue is concerned.

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Now, American pro Fortnite streamer Dakotaz — real name Brett Hoffman, also known by Dark or the initialized DK — has come out against the Brute Mechs on Twitter. In his tweet (below), Hoffman states that he refuses to purchase any microtransactions within Fortnite until the Season X mechs have been removed. Tagging and directly addressing the official Fortnite Twitter account, he continues to point out that whilst Fortnite decides on its own “direction,” he can do the same for his wallet. Obviously, we can’t speak for the streamer’s intentions, but it seems in making this public that Dakotaz at least wouldn’t mind others joining his cause and voting with their wallets.

Epic Games hasn’t offered any further updates on the status of Fortnite‘s Brute Mechs, but a big-name proponent of the game speaking out against it certainly doesn’t make for a good look.