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Fortnite Brute Vaulted | Will the mech be banned?

You’ve probably seen the complaints online about the Fortnite Brute and calls for it to be vaulted. It seems the new Season 10 mech isn’t proving as popular as Epic Games felt it would, with plenty of players voicing displeasure over how overpowered it is. If you want to find out if the mech will be banned at some point, you’ll want to read our Fortnite Brute vaulted guide. Let’s see if Epic does anything about these complaints.

Fortnite Brute Vaulted | Overpowered Season X mech

Fortnite Brute Vaulted

The Fortnite Brute was a new vehicle that was introduced as Season 10 kicked off on Thursday, August 1. The mech requires two players to use it, as one needs to move it around and the other needs to fire its arsenal of weapons.

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Epic thought that by making it a two-player operated machine, that it would make the game more balanced. After all, if the gunner dies, there will be no one to keep the driver safe. If the driver dies, the gunner is stationary and can be damaged more easily.

As it turns out, players aren’t happy with the Brute. Not because of the above, but due to the fact that it’s OP. You only need to venture to the Fortnite sub-Reddit to see plenty of threads about how it’s too powerful. There are threads that state you can’t counter it properly, it deals too much damage, and that it’s very unbalanced despite the need for two players to control it.

Epic has a penchant for putting overpowered weapons in its Vault, which locks them away for a specific amount of time. These weapons can be reintroduced someway down the line, such as the Drum Gun, but others like the Zapotron have never emerged again due to how powerful they are.

The Brute could end up going the same way if Epic listens to community feedback. Alternatively, Epic could downscale how damaging the mech can be in a future patch. For now, though, the Fortnite Brute isn’t being Vaulted, so you’ll just have to put up with it.