‘Ultimate’ Fortnite weapon created by disgruntled community

No doubt influenced by the recent furor surrounding the addition of Brute (B.R.U.T.E.) Mechs by Epic Games to Fortnight Season 10, the game’s increasingly disgruntled community has latched on to one Reddit user’s comedic design for the ultimate Fortnite weapon. Said to be designed within the Epic Games philosophy—which tends to favor lending a helping hand to casual players, since data suggests that many newcomers are immediately put off by the battle royal game’s high skill ceiling — this proposed new grenade would make beating the 99 other players in any given multiplayer match incredibly easy.

Redditor The_Mighty_Matador suggests that throwing the tongue-in-cheek hypothetical grenade would result in an instant Victory Royale, Fortnite‘s equivalent of a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Chicken Dinner. Furthering the joke, Matador outlines the weapon’s positive and negative traits with a very plain jab directed towards developer Epic Games. In the pro column, unskilled players can get a guaranteed win, but the counterbalancing con is that skilled players have “wasted their hours” when that skill can’t be put to use. The disgruntled devoted Fortnite player base has been enjoying a collective laugh at Epic Games’ expense as a result of the ridiculous design, but that points towards deeper problems within the fractured Fortnite community.

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It’s reasonable to assume that Fortnite newbies are loving their time turning the tables on more skilled players courtesy of the game’s Brute Mechs—an addition from which this post almost certainly stems—though their opinions aren’t being heard as they most likely aren’t being voiced online. These are casual players with a passing interest, after all, not r/fortnite devotees. As a result, it’s hard to say definitively whose side Epic Games and their accommodating design philosophy should ultimately fall on.

One thing’s for sure, though, and that’s the fact that widespread criticism of Fortnite online—especially from professional players like Dakotaz—doesn’t serve the game’s image very well.