Box art - Monsters, Inc. Run

Monsters, Inc. Run iPhone Cheats


As i mist games the more gold coins you have the more cool stuff you can buy at the Store.

Be on the lookout for larger coins with blue M's. The yellow and white ones are worth 2X and 5X, respectively.

You can swap characters by collecting Scare Tags littered throughout each level. Switch to Sulley or another Scarer depending on the obsticle.

Mike can break blocks, but you'll need to pick up a boost.

Fancy upgrades: The Phast gives your monster boost and double jump power and the MOR RAY converts Coins into 2X Coins.

You can upgrade gadgets to make them more effectivebut you'll need to unlock them first.

To play, tap the screen to jump. To clear big obstacles, press longer to jump higher.

You don't have to avoid enemies. Just jump on their heads.

To get 100 percent completion per level, always collect the following items: a ball, teddy bear and sock.

The more XP you have, the easier it is to level up and access new stages.

In Endless Mode, kill enemies for coins, then break blocks for more points.