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Destiny 2 Xur Location | Where is Xur Today and What is He Selling? (August 30)

Xur today, August 30 should be a standard procedure. In other words, the Destiny 2 Xur location should go smoothly and it’s likely he won’t be on Nessus again like he was last week. The Xur inventory should have some good wares and he almost always has armor for every class and a weapon. Whatever he does have, we will be the first to show you what he is selling on August 30. Like we do every single week, we will look at the Xur start time, the number Legendary Shards you will need to cough up on every item, and that coveted Xur location.

Destiny 2 Xur Location | Where is Xur Today? (August 30)

Like every other time, we won’t be able to be clairvoyant predict the exact spot Xur will show up at today until he does show his face at 1 PM Eastern (check below for more about the Xur start time, including the U.K. time). He’ll probably go to his usual spots on Io, Titan, Tower, or the EDZ but probably not on Nessus as that is where he was last week. Watch this space to find out, and be sure to refresh when the time comes. We’ll have it.

Destiny 2 Xur location Titan

Update: Xur is on Titan for the week of August 30.

Destiny 2 Xur Start Time | When Does Xur Arrive Today? (August 30)

The Xur start time hasn’t moved (it never has). He will still make his grand appearance at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern. That’s 6 PM BST in the U.K. As soon as you see the “New Adventures Available” message, that means Xur is about to show up.

Destiny 2 Xur Inventory | What is Xur Selling Today? (August 30)

The Xur inventory usually consists of four items with an armor piece for every class and a weapon. Make sure you have enough Legendary Shards or you’ll be walking away with nothing.

  • Armor (Warlock Chest): Chromatic Fire (23 Legendary Shards)
  • Armor (Hunter Chest): Ophidia Spathe (23 Legendary Shards)
  • Armor (Titan Gauntlets):  Aeon Safe (23 Legendary Shards)
  • Weapon: Vigilance Wing Pulse Rifle (29 Legendary Shards)

Xur is also selling:

  • Five of Sword Challenge Card
  • The World Invitation (5 Legendary Shards)
  • Fated Engram (97 Legendary Shards)