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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Console FOV Slider Options

With the 2v2 alpha releasing early on PS4, many have already gotten their hands on the newest entry in the Call of Duty franchise. However, some have noticed a feature missing. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare console FOV slider option has been a hot topic for the community as it has been a sought after feature in past entries. This guide will give you all the details regarding the feature, as well as the response developer Infinity Ward has regarding its absence.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Console FOV Slider Options | Will there be a FOV slider on the console version?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Console FOV Slider

The 2v2 Gunfight open alpha for Call of Duty Modern Warfare is currently underway giving the general public their first hands-on experience with the highly-anticipated first-person shooter. As such, a Reddit thread from the Modern Warfare subreddit was created for players to report bugs or provide feedback during the limited period.

One such piece of feedback given by reddit user xxihostile pertained to aim-down-sights (ADS) sensitivity and a field-of-view (FOV) slider. They asked, “Please, I’m begging you guys, can you add aim-down-sight sensitivity and FOV slider on console?” They further added, “It seems silly not to have in this day and age and as a disabled gamer, it makes a huge difference, ADS sensitivity in particular, to my shooting accuracy and general playing ability.”

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For reference, ADS sensitivity refers to how sensitive gun movement is while aiming down sights; essentially, pushing the sensitivity higher allows the player to move the gun faster while using a scope. An FOV slider is an option that allows you to configure how much of any particular scene you can see in-game; adjusting the slider lower will minimize how much of the environment you can see while adjusting it higher will extend how much of the scene you can see.

This was one of the many pieces of feedback Infinity Ward did respond to. “We can look into an ADS slider but no promises, so don’t hold me to that. I know FOV slider on console is a huge point of conversation, but we won’t be having one this game.”

Unfortunately, the answer is no on this one. There will not be a FOV slider in console versions of Call of Duty Modern Warfare when it launches on October 25, 2019. While it may not be available at launch, the potential for an ADS slider is there, but you shouldn’t anticipate it.

As expected, this comes as a disappointment to the community, as many believe both features are imperative features for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Displaying this disappointment and presenting the question console players are asking, “So, PC players get even more [of an] advantage now. Cool. Why can’t we just have the option?”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Console FOV Slider

This “advantage” PC players have is probably in reference to Call of Duty Modern Warfare‘s cross-play feature. With PC players able to go into matches with console players, having a FOV slider and ADS sensitivity option is a big advantage for those playing on PC.

Many people on the Reddit thread have tried to piece together why a FOV slider would be absent as it is such a sought after feature from console players. Reddit user TotalEclipse08 said, “It has to be a frame rate issue. If 2v2 is struggling in some areas (noted it’s alpha), imagine the 10v10, 20v20 and the even larger modes on base consoles. I think the engine upgrade is pushing consoles too and possibly even beyond their limits.

The developers are aware of the feedback, so there is potential for a FOV slider to come in the next Call of Duty release. Until then, the setting will be in the PC version of the game, as it has been in previous entries.