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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS3 Cheats

10 Tips For Ni No Kuni: A Young Wizard's Guide


Easily Catch Familiars

When you encounter a familiar that you'd like to capture or fight, sometimes it will run away before you have a chance to engage it. There's a trick that you can use in your favor, though. Quickly open your spells menu and close it again. That will cause the familiar to change its course and possibly run directly toward you. Now you have time to catch up to the familiar before it can escape.

Text Speed Sneak Attack

Here's an exploit using the game's text display speed. By setting the text speed to slow, you can have Oliver cast an innocuous spell like "Seek Fortune" (on the overworld) or any of the interior spells ("Levitate", "Chart Chests", etc.) and while the text message is being typed in the message box, enemies will be frozen in place. This allows Oliver to catch (or avoid) enemies easily, since you can move Oliver while the text is being printed.

Note that the "Veil" spell (from Horace's Riddles sidequest) will allow you to sneak up on enemies with 100% success ... but only if you've purchased the "Jack in the Box" merit award .

Easter Egg

The Lord of the Rings Reference

Visit the Temple of Trials after completing Hamelin's main quest and talk to The Pig Iron Duke (the one dressed up like a Hamelin guard). He will say "You shall not pass!"

My Neighbor Tomtoro?

Clear the Hamelin area in the game, then return to the Temple of Trials. A group of NPCs will have gathered. Talk to the white furry one, who is named "My Neighbor Tomtoro," a reference to the Studio Ghibli film, "My Neighbor Totoro."



Unlockable                              How to Unlock
Wizardry Whiz (Platinum)Awarded for becoming a master magician.
Out of this World (Bronze)Cast a Gate spell and travel to Ni No Kuni.
En Guardian! (Bronze)Defeat the forest guardian and bring him back to his senses.
Anchors Weight (Bronze)Obtain the ship Queen Cowra.
Fly the Friendly Skies (Bronze)Befriend Kuro.
Wonder Wand (Bronze)Restore the legendary wand "Gradion" to its former glory.
Dark Djinn Downthrower (Bronze)Defeat the Dark Djinn.
White Witch Walloper (Silver)Save Ni no Kuni by defeating the Queen of the White Ash.
King of the World (Gold)Defeat the guardian of the world.
Big Spender (Silver)Amass 500,000 G.
Artful Dodger (Bronze)Successfully steal 50 times.
Soul Patrol (Bronze)Collect 2,000 soul orbs.
Little Battler Experience (Silver)Win 1,000 battles.
Imajinn-ary Friend (Bronze)Maximize an Imajinn's affection level.
Pedigree Breeder (Bronze)Raise an Imajinn to its maximum limit.
Viva the Evolution! (Bronze)Complete 10 Imajinn evolutions.
Imajinn-native (Bronze)Find 20 types of Imajinn.
Boy Scout (Bronze)Carry out 15 different favors.
Humanitarian of the Year (Silver)Carry out 60 different favors.
New Sheriff in Tower (Bronze)Hunt down 10 different bounties.
Bounty Hunter (Silver)Hunt down 40 different bounties.
Super Hero (Gold)Collect all hero licenses.
Pop Pop Fizz Fizz (Bronze)Alchemize 10 different items.
Mad Scientist (Gold)Alchemize 120 different items.
Treasure Hunter (Silver)Find all hidden treasure chests.
Globetrotter (Silver)Set foot in all secluded regions.
Raising the Stakes (Bronze)Collect your first prize at the casino.
High Roller (Silver)Collect all of the tickets for the casino's theater.
Pandora League Challenger (Bronze)Win your first bout at the Pandora League.
Pandora League Champion (Gold)Become the reigning champion of the Pandora League.
Magic Master (Silver)Learn all known spells.
Prima Donna (Bronze)Learn all songs.
Gunslinger (Bronze)Learn all kinds of shots.