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Apex Legends Iron Crown End Time | When does the event end?

The Apex Legends Iron Crown end time is nigh, with the Solos mode and Iron Crown Collection both scheduled to end on August 26. But exactly when does the event end? Read on to find out whether you have enough time to grind out those last few wins, or carry out that final bit of damage, to secure those Iron Crown Collection packs.

When does the Apex Legends Iron Crown event end?

Apex Legends Iron Crown End Time

For the past two weeks, Apex Legends players have been grinding their way through a variety of challenges, grinding their way towards unlocking special character and weapon skins. Well, that’s all coming to a close, with the Apex Legends Iron Crown event end time rapidly approaching.

Players will have until 1 PM ET/10 AM PT/6 PM BST to experience the Iron Crown Collection. After the clock ticks over, the event will no longer be available. (There isn’t yet news of an update to carry out this change, though it’s also possible that the developer will force the change through a hotfix on the server-side.)

We’d advise all players make their final purchases in the Iron Crown store, which include Iron Crown Collection packs and direct purchases for the premium skins. Users will also want to get a final few games of Solos in, as that mode will disappear when the event ends.

Will the Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection event be extended?

While it is possible that developer Respawn Entertainment could extend the Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection event, nothing official has been confirmed.

If an extension does indeed happen, then we’ll update this guide with the new information. For now, though, you’ll be wanting to get all of your business sorted before that 1 PM ET/10 AM PT/6 PM BST cutoff point.

If you enjoyed the event, be sure to voice your opinions on social media and game forums, as the developers are likely monitoring community reaction. This could help the Iron Crown event return sometime in the future, along with that Solos mode.