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Minecraft Loyalty | How to enchant a Trident with Loyalty

There are tons of different craftable items in Minecraft that players can create along their journey. Perhaps one of the more uncommon items in the Trident, which players can use to throw at their enemies. Even better, a Trident can be enchanted with Loyalty, which allows it to return to players after it is thrown. Here is everything you need to know about Minecraft Loyalty and enchanting a Trident.

Minecraft Loyalty | Where to find a Trident

Minecraft Loyalty

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A Trident has the ability to be thrown at an enemy, preventing players from having to chase an enemy down if it is running away. Further, if you enchant your Trident with Loyalty, it will return to you once you’ve thrown it, meaning you don’t have to lift a foot. Additionally, Tridents do nine damage, which is more than any Sword, including the Diamond Sword. However, it only has 250 Durability, which means it will last about as long as an Iron Sword.

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The first step to enchanting a Trident with Loyalty is to obtain the Trident itself. These cannot be crafted and must be found within the world of Minecraft. As you might expect, you’ll be able to find a Trident close to the water, specifically from Drowned mobs. These are essentially underwater zombies that live in the water biomes and don’t like you messing around in their territory.

Drowned Zombies will spawn with a Trident in their possession. If you’re lucky, you can find a Trident on the ground close to a spawn of Drowned Zombies. However, most of the time you’ll need to kill a Drowned Zombie in order to get their Trident. It is also worth noting that killing a Drowned Zombie that has a Trident doesn’t mean it will drop automatically, you might have to kill a handful of them before a Trident drops.

Minecraft Loyalty | How to enchant a Trident

Minecraft Loyalty

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Once you’ve got the Trident in your possession, you might want to consider enchanting it. The benefit of using Minecraft Loyalty on your Trident is that once you throw it, it will return to you in a couple of seconds. The higher the enchantment that you put on your Trident, the less time it will take to return to you. As you might expect, this will save you a lot of time when you miss a target and have to hunt down your Trident.

Thankfully, you’ll only need one item to enchant your Trident in Minecraft: Lapis Lazuli. If you don’t have any of the blue ore, you’ll need to go spelunking and look for a blue colored stone. Once you’ve found some Lapis Lazuli Ore, you can smelt it with any fuel to turn in it into Lapis Lazuli. You’ll need to have three Lapis Lazuli to enchant your Trident, which means you’ll need three Lapis Lazuli Ore. However, they are usually found in bunches, so if you find some, keep digging around and you’ll likely find more.

Once you’ve gotten your Trident and Lapis Lazuli, you’ll need to take it to an Enchantment Table. From the Enchantment menu, place your Trident and three Lapis Lazuli into the designated boxes. After you’ve done that, you’ll see three weird boxes show up, with a glowing green circle, a number, and a bunch of random symbols. The numbers represent the Experience Level that you’ll need to enchant your Trident with Loyalty. As you’ll find out, the base level is eight. If you haven’t made it that far, you’ll need to kill more mobs to increase your Experience Level.

Enchantment Level 2 requires a Experience Level of 17 while Enchantment Level 3 requires an Experience Level of 30. You’ll want to choose the highest level that is available to you, because the higher level of Minecraft Loyalty you place on your Trident, the quicker it will return to you. Once you have chosen the level you’d like to use, your Trident will now have a purple glow and will be enchanted with Loyalty.