Box art - Scribble Hero

Scribble Hero Purchse Utilities

Keep an eye on the followinf utilities witch you can buy at the store:

Bomb Blast Boost (500 Coins): Blow up more bad guys by running over these bombs.

Time Warp Boost (500 Coins): Make your enemies move in slow motion while you make trouble.

Eraser Shield Boost: A shielding circle of erasers rubs out the bad guys before they get to you.

Massive Missile Boost (500 Coins): Make the bullets bigger with this boost.

Money Magnet Boost (500 Coins): Watch the money come rolling in, literally.

Bonus Ghost (750 Coins): Come back to life with a little heart.

White Out Grenade (750 Coins): Splat! Make enemies disappear. Pack of five.

Red Marker of Death (1,500 Coins): Red means dead. Draw a line and watch enemies explode as they hit it. Pack of five.

Black Hole Punch (1,500 Coins): Punch a hole and drop enemies into it. Pack of five.

Death Blossom (1,500 Coins): A storm of destruction so awesome, we named it after a flower. Pack of five.