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Pokemon Go Catch 3 Whismur | Location, How to Catch guide

The Pokemon Go Catch 3 Whismur challenge has become surprisingly difficult to complete. Those looking to finish the Thousand-Year Slumber challenge will likely have been stumped by the little pink and yellow creature. You see, the Pokemon Go Whismur location is normally quite easy to track down, as they are a common Pokemon. However, with the various special events going on, catching Whismur has become much more difficult. If you want to know how to catch Whismur in Pokemon Go, you’ll want to prepare yourself by reading our guide below.

How to catch 3 Whismur in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Catch 3 Whismur

To catch three Whismur in Pokemon Go, you’ll first need to track down the Whismur location. To do this, you’ll want to keep an eye on the “Nearby” part of the screen, constantly checking it to see if a Whismur spawn is nearby. As Whismur is a common Pokemon, you should find it after a brief walk. However, when a special event is on, your chances of encountering a Whismur location drastically decrease.

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You see, during Pokemon Go events, the normal Pokemon spawns are replaced by the event’s featured Pokemon. For example, during the Water Festival, water Pokemon overwrite the spawns of the usually common Pokemon. So you might see a pesky Magikarp taking the place of a Whismur.

In order to start tracking Whismur locations again, you’ll want to wait until the current event ends. At the time of writing, the Water Festival event is set to end on August 30 at 1 PM PT. This is when you’ll want to begin your search for those three Whismurs.

Do note, however, that the September Ultra Bonus weeks will begin on September 2, which means that those Whismur locations risk being overwritten again. We’d highly recommend getting out and catching those three Whismurs between August 30 and September 2!