Teamfight Tactics Spectator Mode Release Date Guide

Teamfight Tactics spectator mode release date is “absolutely” coming, it has been confirmed. Speaking during a Q&A livestream, Riot Games’ Nathan Blau and Stephen Mortimer discussed the possibility of adding a spectator  mode to Teamfight Tactics. As a popular fan-requested feature, it’s understandable why the livestream audience would be pushing for a definitive answer. Well, Mortimer responded with, “Absolutely, we are working on that.” Read on for the full Teamfight Tactics spectator mode details.

When is the Teamfight Tactics spectator mode release date?

Teamfight Tactics Spectator Mode release date

At the time of writing, the Teamfight Tactics spectator mode release date is still up in the air. However, the feature has at least been confirmed to be in the works. As mentioned in the intro above, the Teamfight Tactics design lead, Stephen Mortimer, said that his team is working on spectator mode, “especially because [it] will enable things like tournaments.”

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With Esports proving to be incredibly popular for League of Legends, it’s understandable why the Teamfight Tactics team would want to also enjoy some of that success. Having big events covering the game would be huge.

Teamfight Tactics spectator mode is a “very high priority” for Mortimer’s team, so players should expect to hear more about it very soon. It’s unclear how much work creating a spectator mode would involve, as there is already the ability to watch the conclusion of a match after the player has died. Perhaps it’s a simple transplant of that feature? It seems like the basic functionality is already available, so hopefully it’s a quick and easy process.

Expect to hear more about the Teamfight Tactics spectator mode as development continues. Riot Games has been very open about the roadmap they are following, so hopefully we’ll see “spectator mode” appearing on there sooner, rather than later.