WoW Classic Ammo for Rumbleshot | Bring Ammo to Hengar

Since its original release, World of Warcraft has gone through many different updates and changes. The new WoW Classic is a special server that allows players to experience World of Warcraft as it was when it was first released. As one might expect, there are some tasks and missions that are a little bit confusing, including the bring ammo to Hengar mission. Here is how to complete the WoW Classic Ammo for Rumbleshot mission.

WoW Classic Ammo for Rumbleshot | Bring Ammo to Hengar

WoW Classic Ammo for Rumbleshot

The overall objective for this mission is to bring Rumbleshot’s ammo to him in Dun Morogh. Apparently, the guy who was supposed to deliver the ammo was camping near Grizzled Dean, but then a Wendigo chased him off and he left the ammo behind. So, players are being tasked with finding the camping spot near Grizzled Den, retrieving the ammo, and delivering it to Hengar Rumbleshot. Seems easy, right?

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The good news is that if you know where you’re going, finding the missing ammo will be a piece of cake. You’ll find the ammo in a crate at the base of a mountain toward the center of the map. More specifically the coordinates for the WoW Classic ammo are 44.11, 56.94. You’ll be able to find the ammo in a crate which is sitting next to a tent.

From there, you’ll need to bring the ammo to Hengar Rumbleshot, who thankfully, isn’t very far away. You can find Hengar’s camp just south of the ammo location, on the other side of the road. To make it easier, his specific coordinates are 40.76, 65.07. As you get close, you’ll see him standing by a tent with some other people. Simply talk to him and give him the missing ammo. As a thank you, he will reward you with 25 copper pieces and one silver piece, along with experience and added reputation with Ironforge and Gnomeregan Exiles.

Now that you’ve completed the WoW Classic Ammo for Rumbleshot mission, you can continue on your journey through the game.