How to unlearn a Profession in WoW Classic

There are a handful of different Professions that players can learn in WoW ClassicEach profession will offer players different abilities and skills, as well as the opportunity to level up their Professions and earn even better perks. However, what happens if you change your mind about a Profession you chose earlier in the game? Is there a way to take it back? Here is how to unlearn a Profession in WoW Classic.

How to unlearn a Profession in WoW Classic

WoW Classic offers players primary and secondary Professions. Each character can have two primary Professions and unlimited secondary Professions. So, if you’ve already set two primary Professions and want to swap one out, then you’ll need to unlearn a Profession before you can pick up a new primary one. However, it is important to note that once you unlearn a Profession in WoW Classic all of your leveling progress will be gone. This means that if you decide that you made a mistake and want to pick up your old Profession after unlearning it, you’ll have to start over at Level 1 for that Profession.

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Now that you know all of the risks, here is how to unlearn a Profession in WoW Classic.

  • Open the Skills tab
  • Choose the Profession you want to unlearn
  • Locate the small icon on the bottom panel which says “Unlearn your Profession” when you hover over it
  • Click the icon to unlearn your Profession

As you can see, the process is actually pretty simple. In an ideal world, you won’t ever need to do this, because you chose your Profession based on your character and your play style after lots of thought. However, there is good chance that you chose your Professions (at least your first one) on a whim, as lots of players do. Thankfully, Blizzard worked in a way to allow players to unlearn a Profession in WoW Classic, but it doesn’t come without a cost.