Box art - Man of Medan

How long is Man of Medan? | How much time to beat?

Man of Medan is the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, the new game series from Supermassive Games. The developer’s previous game was Until Dawn for the PS4, and while The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is a similar horror adventure, with the same type of gameplay, there are a fair few differences too. As such it’s worth asking the question, how long is Man of Medan? Like most parts of the game, the answer’s not immediately obvious. Let’s take a look.

How long is Man of Medan?

Until Dawn was a full-priced standalone horror adventure, and it came in around 10 or so hours in gameplay length. Man of Medan is a little cheaper at $29.99, and it’s just the first part of The Dark Pictures horror anthology series, so naturally it’s a little shorter. If you’re playing the game solo, a single careful run-through of the entire story will last around four to five hours. While playing the campaign there aren’t really any opportunities to extend that play time, as the locations are all quite small. But what about other ways to play?

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Is there replay value or multiplayer?

Unlike Until Dawn and many other similar adventures, Man of Medan actually has a multiplayer mode. There are options for two-player online co-op, and a full party mode of up to five people where everyone gets to choose a character (or characters) to play as. This option completely transforms the experience, because unlike single-player, you have no idea what the other characters are getting up to. In solo mode you may know that one character is in the next room, but in online co-op things can progress completely differently.

That is furthered by the replay value of the game. Man of Medan needs to be played more than once to get the full stretch of the story, and events will happen that you’ll completely miss if you don’t choose a particular option at the right time. With the multiplayer and the replay value, Man of Medan is far longer than that four to five-hour play time suggests.