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Gears 5 Unlock Times | When can you play Gears 5?

Are you ready to learn about the Gears 5 Unlock Times? Microsoft has shared the news with all Gears of War fans, and with a bonus – the Gears 5 Early Access will begin sooner than previously announced. But the announcement comes with other exciting bits of info, so read on if you can’t wait to play the story of Kait Diaz.

Gears 5 Unlock Times | When can you pre-download?

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The most substantial reveal is that the Gears 5 pre-load has begun on all platforms, which means that you can start downloading the anticipated shooter on PC and/or Xbox One right now. You should do so in order to play Gears 5 the moment that early access starts.

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If you’re unsure about how big the Gears 5 download is, you can check our previous Gears 5 guide for details. But to make it clear, you’ll need at least 80 GB of available hard drive space if you plan on playing on PC via Steam, and 57.72 GB if you prefer the Xbox One release. Obviously, Gears 5 will receive post-launch support that increases the file size, so make sure that you have enough to download future content updates.

Gears 5 Unlock Times | When can you play?

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According to Microsoft, Gears 5 is dropping in just over a week. You can start playing Gears 5 at 9 PM on September 5, depending on your time zone. If you happen to live in a region with multiple time zones, you must base yourself on the earliest time zone. For example, North American Early Access will start simultaneously at 9 PM ET, 7 PM CT, and 6 PM PT.

Before the Gears 5 release, you’ll be able to see various content creators and official TCA partners streaming the new multiplayer maps. The streams are planned for Wednesday afternoon (PT) and Thursday, and you can check if your favorite streamer happens to be on the list.