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Blair Witch Bunker Lock Code | How to solve the truck fuse puzzle

The bunker lock is the first you’ll encounter in Blair Witch. Not long into the game, you’ll find a creepy bunker. After you descend the steps, you’ll reach a door with a padlock. The code seems pretty straightforward, but it’s still too complicated to brute force it without spending 30 minutes trying different combinations. Fortunately, the codes not too hard to find, even if it’s not in the immediate vicinity. Instead, you’ll have to solve a puzzle involving a truck fuse box before you can get it.

How to find the code for the bunker lock in Blair Witch

If you’re looking around the bunker for the code to unlock the door, you’re not going to find it. Though it seems like this would be the obvious place to go next, you actually don’t even need to go into the bunker to complete the game. It’s completely optional.

To get the code for the bunker door in Blair Witch, you’ll need to head in the opposite direction. Once you come out of the bunker, you can head through the ravine, and you’ll eventually come across the Sheriff’s truck.

How to solve the truck fuse puzzle and turn the lights on in Blair Witch

Blair Witch Truck Puzzle Keys

The objective here is to get the lights to turn on. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just hopping in and flipping the switch.

Blair Witch Truck Puzzle Battery

First, you’ll need the keys to unlock the truck. You can have Bullet search the area, and he’ll find them pretty readily. When you get in the vehicle, you’ll find the starter isn’t getting power. You’ll need to pop the hood via the lever near the floorboard, then reconnect the battery.

Once you get back in and start the truck, the lights will come on for a moment only for a fuse to blow. So then you’ll need to check out the paper above the glove compartment, then open the fuse box near the floorboard. This puzzle isn’t hard to solve. You’ll see that of the two Front Light fuses, #7 and #9, #7 is blown. So, you’ll need to swap a 20 Amp or higher fuse from one of the other systems to make the lights come on.

Blair Witch Truck Puzzle Fuse Box

You can’t just take any fuse though. It has to be one that is linked to a non-essential function. Of the fuses remaining, #6 (Cigar Lighter), #9 (Front Light), and #10 (Instrument Control Module) can handle 20 Amps or higher. You need the other Front Light to function as well, so using that one won’t work, and you need the Instrument Control Module to remain functional as well. Fortunately, you don’t need the cigar lighter to work.

Swap the fuse from #6 to #7 to repower the second front light. Flip on the light switch near the steering column and boom; there’ll be light.

On a side note, I’m not sure if the Instrument Control Module fuse will work here. Since it’s a 25 Amp fuse, it would be possible to use it temporarily to power the front light circuit in real life. I used the cigar lighter fuse since it’s the obvious choice, but there may be more than one solution to this puzzle.

In short, the steps to complete the truck puzzle are:

  • Have Bullet find the keys by making him search.
  • Open the truck and try and start it.
  • Pop the hood and reconnect the battery.
  • Try to start the truck again.
  • Move fuse #6 to replace fuse #7.
  • Start the truck.
  • Flip the light switch.

How to unlock the bunker with the code in Blair Witch

Blair Witch Truck Puzzle Battery

Once you’ve solved the truck puzzle, you’ll get a text from an unknown number giving you “The Prize.” This prize is the code to unlock the bunker door. The code is:

  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
  • 2

Blair Witch Bunker Lock Code

Now you can return to the bunker and use the code on the padlock. This lock is a bit different than a standard combo or key lock. Each of the four positions has a little lever you can move. To unlock this lock and gain access to the bunker in Blair Witch:

  • Move the first lever to the second slot.
  • Leave the second lever in the first slot.
  • Leave the third lever in the first slot.
  • Move the fourth lever to the second slot.

After you move the fourth lever into position, the lock will be sprung, and you can finally gain access to the bunker.