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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Download Size | How big is Breakpoint?

The latest entry in Ubisoft’s long-running tactical, team-based shooter franchise is set to offer even greater realism for fans of Tom Clancy titles. As the game’s release later this year approaches, we’ve received confirmation of the Xbox One version’s file size via the Xbox Marketplace listing. So that you know exactly how much hard drive space to keep clear for launch day, here’s the Ghost Recon Breakpoint download size and file size.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Download size | Xbox One

Ghost Recon Breakpoint download size

The launch day build of Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Xbox One will weigh in at a significant 38.03 GB. That might seem insignificant by comparison to Ghost Recon Wildlands‘ current 62.1 GB file size, but at this point, that game has enjoyed years of post-launch content support. Breakpoint will feature Xbox One X enhancements at launch, whereas in the case of Wildlands it was later patched in, which likely helps to explain the hefty version 1.0 file size.

Breakpoint is a direct sequel to Wildlands and will continue the series’ new open-world direction, which carried the latter to great success. The game will feature a map equivalent in size to that of its predecessor, though Ubisoft has confirmed that through the release of downloadable content more islands will be added to the waters surrounding the fictional main campaign location of Auroa.

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In addition to the campaign, which is playable singleplayer or co-op, Breakpoint will also feature a competitive multiplayer suite. All player progression within the game is universal, meaning that experience and unlocks are shared between each of Breakpoint‘s three main modes of play.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Download Size | PS4, PC

Ghost Recon Breakpoint download size

File sizes for PS4 and PC, the platforms which Ghost Recon Breakpoint will release for alongside Xbox One on October 4, are not currently known. It’s reasonable to assume that they’ll be in the same region as the 38.03 GB download size on Xbox One, but maybe keep 40 GB free just to be safe.