How to Increase Potential in Pokemon Masters

You may not be aware of how to increase potential in Pokemon Masters. It’s vital that you know about this, though, as it’ll allow you to increase the level cap of your Sync Pairs. If you want to be the very best at DeNA’s latest spin-off title, our Pokemon Masters Increase Potential guide will give you the rundown on everything to do with this. It’ll tell you how to increase the potential for your Sync Pairs, when you can do so, and what the star ratings mean for your Trainer and Pokemon.

Pokemon Masters Increase Potential | How to unlock

Pokemon Masters Increase Potential

The first thing to note is that you’ll need to unlock the Pokemon Masters increase potential ability. It isn’t available straight away, so you’ll need to progress through the game in order to acquire this option.

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You can’t increase potential for your Sync Pairs until you hit chapter four. Once you hit this part of the game, you’ll gain access to a new section in the Explore area called the Training Area tab. This will allow you to pick events or battles to build up your skills. The one you want to complete for increasing potential is called Special Training: Battle Techniques.

You must battle one Trainer during this fight and, once you have beaten them, you’ll unlock a new menu. This grants you access to the Unlock Level Cap area, which you’ll need to increase your Sync Pair’s potential.

Pokemon Masters Increase Potential | Power-Up Items

Pokemon Masters Increase Potential

Once you can up your Sync Pair’s level cap, it isn’t as straightforward as simply increasing their potential whenever you want. You’ll need to find Power-Up Items and use these to increase potential in Pokemon Masters. You can get these items by completing other missions, battles, and side-quests in-game. You’ll have to trade some Basic Items with the store to gain access to get advanced ones to up the level cap further down the line too. You can worry about that when you need to increase your pair to four or five stars later on though.

The main items you’ll have to acquire to increase potential in Pokemon Masters are Buff Blends and Aide Ade. There are three variations of these:

  • Basic
  • Great
  • Ultra.

You use these to increase the Level Cap for your Sync Pair. The higher the Level Cap, the more of these items you’ll need in order to increase potential. You may also need higher quality versions for the highest Level Cap too. So, for example, increasing your pair from four-star to five-star will need Ultra Buff Blends and Ultra Aide Ade as Basic varieties won’t cut it/

To unlock the final Level Cap and fulfill your Sync Pair’s potential, you’ll need a couple of unique items. These are known as the Gym Leader, Elite Four, and Champion Notes. These are rewards for completing the most difficult Training Area courses in-game, so you’ll have to be at your best to beat them.

Pokemon Masters Increase Potential| How to Level Up

Pokemon Masters Increase Potential

Now that you can up your Level Cap in order for your Pokemon Masters Increase Potential ability, and with the items you’ve acquired, you can increase your Sync Pair’s level.

To do this, go to the main menu and find the Team tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open up a new menu full of options, but you’ll want to find the Increase Potential tab to up your Level Cap. This will then show you all of your Sync Pairs. Tap on the one you want to boost. Then, tap on the Power-Up option at the bottom of the screen. This will increase their level and base stats.