How to Beat Pryce in Pokemon Masters

The Pokemon Masters Pryce gym battle may seem like it’ll be an easy one for you to navigate. Watch your step, however, as you can easily slip up against the Winter Trainer. Our Pokemon Masters Pryce guide will give you all of the information you need to win this fight, including his Pokemon weaknesses and general tips. So, to find out how to beat Pryce in Pokemon Masters, read on.

Pokemon Masters Pryce | How to win Pryce Gym battle

Pokemon Masters Pryce

As you will have guessed, Pryce is an Ice-type expert. The wintery setting for this battle gives that away, so you’ll need to prepare yourself for a chilly reception.

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First things first, you’ll have to progress past a Hiker Trainer. This fight won’t be too taxing, and it’ll set you up with Pryce not long after. The first battle sees you come up against Pryce and two minions, much like other battles in-game. Again, this won’t be a difficult fight to win, so make sure that you’re a high enough level in order to best them.

However, unlike other Gym leaders, Pryce won’t give up his badge so easily after one easy battle. He’s sly like that and wanders off leaving you to ponder a brain teaser. Once you figure it out, you can do battle with him again. This time around, he won’t go so easy on you though so read on for some expert tips for this second battle.

Pokemon Masters Pryce | Pokemon weaknesses and tips

Pokemon Masters Pryce

So you’re doing battle with Pryce again and need some tips. Well, look no further than our bullet-point list below. After taking all of this in, head back in-game to beat him and get that badge he owes you.

  • Pryce’s Ice and Water Pokemon are weak against Rock and Electric. Be sure to bring Brock and his Onyx, your Trainer and Pikachu, and one other Trainer to this fight
  • Ensure you’re at least level 30 to take Pryce on, otherwise, you’ll have a hard time battling him
  • Focus on Pryce’s underlings first. Once they’re dispatched, you can fight him in a three-on-one battle
  • Watch out for Pryce’s Sync Move with his Seel as it can do huge damage to your Trainers and Pokemon
  • Beat him and earn the Harmony Gym Badge and have the chance to bring Pryce along with you