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Does Astral Chain have a New Game Plus mode?

There appears to be a bit of confusion surrounding an Astral Chain New Game Plus mode. PlatinumGames’ action title, which came out exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 30, has been completed by quite a few players already. For those of you who are playing catch up, you’ll want to know if there’s a way to unlock New Game Plus in Astral Chain once you do finish it. Using all of your skills and weapons in a harder difficulty mode would certainly give you a new challenge, but you’ll need to know if the game mode is present first. Check out our Astral Chain New Game Plus guide to get a definitive answer to this query.

Astral Chain New Game Plus | How to unlock

astral chain new game plus

As we mentioned, an Astral Chain New Game Plus mode would certainly go down a treat. As is the tradition, a New Game Plus mode would allow you to carry over your abilities, weapons, and other progress from your initial playthrough. You’d also be able to try your hand against more difficult versions of enemies you’ve already faced.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a New Game Plus mode in Astral Chain. PlatinumGames elected not to include on its latest game, which is a shame for Switch players. If there’s enough clamor for one down the line, Platinum could patch one into the game in the future.

For now, though, there’s a slight variation on New Game Plus that can increase the game’s longevity for you. Take a look at our bullet-point list below for the details:

  • Once you complete the main story of Astral Chain, you’ll unlock a new chapter
  • This new chapter, which will be chapter 12, will be added to your save file once you load up the game again
  • Chapter 12 contains new combat challenges that test the skills you’ve learned across the main game
  • Some of them can be difficult to navigate, so they’ll keep you coming back if you don’t successfully beat them on your first try

Once those challenges are done and dusted, you’ll be entirely done with Astral Chain, that is unless you run through it again.