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Monster Hunter World | Get Guardian Armor for free

There is nothing like a robust set of armor to get you ready for the hunt, and here is how can get Guardian Armor for free in Monster Hunter World. This comes in handy, right in time for the release of Iceborne, which is scheduled for Friday, September 6, 2019. The Guardian Armor set will be available for all players to download, even to those who haven’t purchased the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne DLC expansion. It will be a great help to those who are trying to finish the original game, or to someone who can’t wait to play Iceborne. But how can you get this armor for free?

Monster Hunter World | How to Get Guardian Armor for free

Monster Hunter World Free Gear | How to Get Guardian Armor Free

The Guardian Armor set can be downloaded for free by anyone with an online connection. If you are a new Monster Hunter World player and need to create a new character, you must start a new game and keep going until you find yourself in the “Create Your Hunter” character creation screen. This is where you are going to click on the “Default Armor” option, selecting “Guardian α+” to get your armor.

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If you have an existing Monster Hunter World character, hopefully your progress already got you to the point where you received your first assignment in Astera. You should enter your room and speak to the Housekeeper, selecting “Claim Add-On & Bonuses”, followed by “Armor Set: Guardian.” Say “Yes” when prompted and you should get your shiny high rank armor for free.

Do note that you need to upgrade the game to version 10.10 or newer, otherwise the Guardian Armor set option won’t show up.

This high rank armor will make you a worthy challenger to any monster that comes your way, boosting your maximum health, increasing the healing effects, and reducing the damage that you take from any creature.

You can also get a free Monster Hunter World item pack containing precious materials to forge and upgrade weapons, and it is very valuable for players who are just starting their adventure.