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Knocking out a Narga

Nargacuga, the jet-black wyvern and a pair of glowing eyes when raged. This wyvern can be easily stunned by using a Hammer or Hunting horns. Obviously, by attacking the head over and over again, right? Logically, that's true. However, did you know that you can KO a Narga using a different (and hilarious) method? If not, here's what you have to do:

1. Using a Hammer or Hunting Horns, initiate a quest against a Nargacuga

2. As usual, attack the head a few times (but not until you KO the Narga)

3. Throw a sonic bomb when the Narga's in a prowler state

4. The Narga will fall, after it gets up, it will immediately enter rage mode.

5. Now, stop with the head-locking, and attack the Left Wing, Right Wing, or even the Tail. (Superpound or Triple Pound attacks)

6. You'll see what will happen to the Narga.

Explanation: Narga can be KOed even without attacking the head. The fact that you can get a "Narga Brain Stem" from the tail quite fits the glitch.