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How to get more Gears 5 Supply Drops

Gears 5 Supply Drops are just one of the many ways that the game rewards progression. While other games use “supply drops” as a euphemism for paid-for loot boxes, it’s not possible to outright buy Supply Drops in Gears 5. Instead, players need to do actually play the game and perform well in order to fill the meter towards their next Supply Drop reward. With that said, there are a few things you can do to get more Gears 5 Supply Drops quickly.

Quickest way to get more Gears 5 Supply Drops

How to get more Gears 5 Supply Drops

Gears 5 Supply Drop rewards range from cool new character skins, to unique ways of customizing weapons, and they are one of the main gifts that players will receive during their time playing the game. However, earning more Supply Drops can be a bit of a slog, with progression between each reward often taking a frustrating amount of time. Happily, there’s a way of optimizing your earn rate.

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The fastest way to getting more Supply Drops in Gears 5 is to simply play well. Work out which mode you’re best at, then keep on grinding it for experience towards the next Supply Drop.

Following launch, players should expect to see double Supply Drop weekends and other events to help you earn additional rewards. Developer The Coalition has implemented events like these in the past, so keep an eye on its social media channels, and watch out for any in-game notifications.

Do XP boosters speed up Supply Drops?

How to get more Gears 5 Supply Drops

In theory, the quickest way to get more Gears 5 Supply Drops would be to purchase one of the boosters from the in-game store. However, it’s not yet clear if those XP boosters actually effect the Supply Drop earn rate.

We’ve reached out to the developer for clarification on this and we will update this post with any new information.