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Gears 5 Campaign Not Loading | Infinite loading fix

Gears 5 campaign not loading error is not what you want to see when first booting up your shiny new game, or when you’re looking to continue the story of Kait and the other Gears. Unfortunately, infinite loading screen issues are affecting some players. Here’s what you need to know on how to fix Gears 5 infinite loading screens.

Gears 5 campaign not loading fix

Gears 5 Campaign Not Loading

When faced with a Gears 5 campaign not loading issue, the first thing we’d recommend doing is waiting a little longer. During my review period, despite running high-end PC hardware with the game stored on an SSD, sometimes the occasional loading screen could take an unusual amount of time to pass. Give it a few minutes to see if it catches up.

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If you’re still struggling with infinite loading screens, you can try giving the game a reboot. As simple as it sounds, you might not have thought of this. Giving the game a second chance to load the level and your progress may result in an easy solution.

Did that not work? Fear not, for there are other options. If you’re at the start of a new chapter, or you are at the point where you’re okay with losing a bit of progress, you can try selecting the chapter from the campaign menu. This will reset your progress back to the chapter start, which may help you progress past the point where the infinite loading screens kicked in and caused you to be stuck.

If the Gears 5 campaign still isn’t loading for you, then perhaps it’s time to try out the game’s multiplayer modes. Versus, Horde, and Escape all await you. In the meantime, developer The Coalition can continue to roll out updates to help with stability. A number of updates have already been deployed, so here’s hoping there’s a patch that will sort out the campaign not loading errors.