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How many acts in Gears 5? | Mission list

So you’re wondering “How many acts in Gears 5?” For one reason or another, you’re doing some research ahead of playing the game for yourself. Perhaps it’s to see if it’s worth picking up for the campaign alone, or maybe you’re an Achievement hunter looking up just how many acts and chapters you’ll need to get through on the hardest difficulty. It’s also possible that you’re already playing the game and just want to know when the campaign draws to a close. Here’s the Gears 5 mission list with no spoilers.

Number of acts in Gears 5

How many acts in Gears 5

There are four acts in Gears 5. However, those acts have varying lengths, with some of them taking place in more open levels that take time to fully explore. Act 2 is the longest of the acts, lasting a good number of hours if you also complete the side missions.

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Take a look at the Gears 5 mission list below. If you’ve already got started on the game, this list will help you find out how close you are to the end. If you’re a newcomer, you can use it to get a sense of which acts will take up the most time.

  • Gears 5 Act 1
    • Chapter 1 – Shot in the Dark
    • Chapter 2 – Diplomacy
    • Chapter 3 – This Is War
    • Chapter 4 – The Tide Turns
  • Gears 5 Act 2
    • Chapter 1 – Recruitment Drive
    • Chapter 2 – Into the Wild
    • Chapter 3 – Forest for the Trees
    • Chapter 4 – The Source of It All
    • Chapter 5 – Dirtier Little Secrets
  • Gears 5 Act 3
    • Chapter 1 – Fighting Chance
    • Chapter 2 – Rocket Plan
    • Chapter 3 – Some Assembly Required
    • Chapter 4 – One Small Step
  • Gears 5 Act 4
    • Chapter 1 – Homefront
    • Chapter 2 – The Fall

We’ve seen Gears of War campaign DLC in the past, so I wouldn’t rule it out for Gears 5. If there does end up being a story DLC, we’ll update this list with the new missions.