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Can you fast travel in Gears 5?

With Gears 5 boasting some open world levels, you might assume that fast travel has also been added to the game. After all, you’re given a vehicle that doesn’t move that quickly, and you sometimes have to cover great distances to proceed with the next mission. Gears 5 fast travel would also help with those pesky collectibles, as you’re forced to explore the entire open world areas for hidden secrets. Can you fast travel in Gears 5? Here’s what you need to know.

How to fast travel in Gears 5

Can you fast travel in Gears 5

Unfortunately, the only way to “fast travel” in Gears 5 is to travel fast. Yes, your skiff is the fastest means of moving about the open world maps, so you’ll want to master getting it up to full speed without crashing into anything.

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Developer The Coalition doesn’t appear to have spoken about considering fast travel during Gears 5‘s development. Perhaps the levels being large, but not too large, made the developer think that players would be okay with exploring everywhere via skiff.

If you’re hunting for collectibles, or trying to complete all side missions, we’d recommend paying attention to your in-game map. Open it often and note what points of interest are nearby. Completing everything in the vicinity is a good way of speeding up the 100% process, as it limits the number of times you’ll have to travel through the entire level.

It’s also worth noting how the Gears 5 chapter selection menu can be used to travel to different locations. For example, if you’re revisiting Act 2, you might want to experiment with each chapter to see which positions you in the best spot for side mission and collectible completion.

Other than that, players will just have to learn to love the skiff, as that really is the only “fast travel” in the game. It certainly beats walking, that’s for sure!