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Gears 5 Lena’s Code Location | Get inside North Tower Substation

If the Gears 5 Lena’s code location has gotten you confused, with no clear way of how to get inside the North Tower Substation in Act 2, fear not, for we have a full guide at the ready. You’ll be needing the Security Memorandum to open the tower up and continue the Lost Outsiders secondary mission, so read on for the locations you’ll be needing to visit.

How to get inside the Gears 5 North Tower Substation

Gears 5 Lena's Code Location

If you’re trying to complete the Lost Outsiders secondary mission, but have found yourself stuck outside of the North Tower Substation seen in the image above, you’ll first need to leave the tower and head southeast.

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Your destination is the East Tower Substation, which can be seen on the map below. It’s in the southeast corner of the Act 2 frozen map. Head inside and you’ll find the Security Memorandum collectible. Pick it up and head back to the North.

Gears 5 Lena's Code Location

The reward for going through the effort of opening up the North Tower Substation is an Ultimate Upgrade for Jack. These cause shock-bots to chase targets and do double damage, making the Shock move a hell of a lot more powerful. Worth it? I think so!

Once you’ve got the upgrade, that concludes the side mission and the story of Lena and Norsko. Not only did you get an upgrade, but you also experienced one of the game’s subplots and took one step closer to 100% completion. Well done, you!

Other Gears 5 side missions are played out in the same way, so if you’re stuck, we’d recommend waiting until you’ve explored more of the map. Some side missions end up completing themselves through natural exploration, and you don’t even have to worry about missable missions, as explained in our guide here.