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Gears 5 Split-Screen Co-Op | How to play split-screen multiplayer

The long-awaited Gears 5 has finally arrived. If you’re one of the many players planning to pick it up, then you might be looking to get together with a group of friends to play through the story with. If that’s you, then you might be wondering about the Gears 5 local co-op options and, specifically, how you can play split-screen multiplayer. Here is everything you need to know about Gears 5 split-screen co-op.

Gears 5 Split-Screen Co-Op | How to play local co-op

Gears 5 Split-screen Co-op

If you’re wanting to play Gears 5 on the same Xbox One as your friend, then you’re going to want to check into split-screen co-op play. Thankfully, Gears 5 split-screen co-op will be an option, but only locally. This means that if you’re wanting to play split-screen with a friend, then you have to play on the same Xbox. Of course, you can always play together online, but if you’re friend doesn’t own the game, you’ll have to play in the same room. This is a nice option if you have a friend who would like to test out the game before deciding if they’d like to purchase it.

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Additionally, playing Gears 5 split-screen co-op is simple. To start, you’ll need to have all of the controllers connected and ready to go. Once you’re on the main menu screen, the second player will need to hit Y to sign into their account. From there, the first player can start the game and you’ll be all set to play Gears 5 split-screen co-op. Keep in mind that this game supports three-player local co-op so you can repeat the process for the third player. You can also play the Escape mode locally with three total people as well.

Gears 5 released on September 6, 2019, and is currently available for free to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers. You can check out our review here.