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How to Unlock Dave Bautista in Gears 5

He might not have been cast in the upcoming movie based on the franchise, but a Gears 5 Dave Bautista character will be available in-game very soon. The Coalition’s latest game in the series will let you play as the wrestler-turned-actor in its multiplayer modes. However, he won’t be available on the roster straight away. You’ll want to know, then, how to unlock Dave Bautista in Gears 5. Luckily for you, we have the answer as to how you can get him. Read our Gears 5 Dave Bautista guide for the lowdown on how to do so.

Gears 5 Dave Bautista | How do I get Dave Bautista?

Gears 5 Dave Bautista

As we said, you can’t play as Dave Bautista in Gears 5 right away. You’ll have to unlock him, but there isn’t a way to do this in the game’s campaign or multiplayer modes. In order to get your hands on him, you’ll have to do one very simple thing.

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To get your Gears 5 Dave Bautista character, all you have to do is play the shooter from September 15 onwards. If you play your copy of the game any time after this date you’ll unlock him. He might not be available straight away, but you’ll get a notification about when he’s been added to your roster.

If you don’t buy Gears 5 on launch day, don’t fret about missing out on him straight away. You can unlock Dave Bautista in the game until October 28. That means you have five weeks to get him. We aren’t sure if he’ll be gone for good after this date. So, to be safe rather than sorry, you better play Gears 5 before Halloween rolls around.

If he does return at a later date, it’s almost certain he won’t be free to acquire. You might have to buy him from the in-game store, and you wouldn’t want to do that if you can get him for free from September 15 to October 28.