Box art - Gears 5

Does Gears 5 have ray-tracing (RTX) or DLSS support?

Although the tech has been slow to take hold, many PC players are starting to expect AAA games like Gears 5 to support ray-tracing. Whether or not RTX support exists, and if the title includes options for DLSS, is a deciding factor for some gamers when choosing which platform to play the game on. Unfortunately, some people are going to be disappointed.

Is there Gears 5 RTX and DLSS support?

Unfortunately, Gears 5 ray-tracing isn’t available at the game’s launch. For even worse news, there hasn’t been a peep made about the game eventually supporting RTX either. The same story is true for Gears 5 DLSS support. Neither NVIDIA or Microsoft has made any statement about the game, including the tech now or in the future.

Given how readily Nvidia has revealed games that will support RTX and/or DLSS, it doesn’t seem likely that the game will ever join that list. Nvidia has highlighted games that won’t be out for a year or more as supporting RTX or DLSS, so it would be odd for them not to point out such a major AAA game like Gears 5 if there were any plans to introduce its ray-tracing tech there.

However, hope isn’t completely lost. Gears 5 uses the DirectX API, and DirectX Ray-Tracing (DXR) could hook into this in the future. Even if there’s no official support, fanmade hooks could allow for unofficial ray-tracing in Gears 5 and other games.

DLSS, on the other hand, isn’t so simple. Since DLSS relies on neural networks to generate visual models, it’s a lot less likely that fans will be able to implement a solution. Who knows, though, some enterprising modder may even come up with a solution for that.

For now, Gears 5 doesn’t have RTX or DLSS support, and none has been announced as of the publication of this article.