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Fortnite Pennywise Skin Expected Release Date

Ever since red balloons started appearing on the Fortnite island, players have been wondering when the It Chapter Two crossover event would reveal itself fully. Sure, the scary balloons and giggles are cool and all, but what about being able to become the crazy It clown yourself? Here’s what you need to know about a potential Fortnite Pennywise skin release date for the Item Store or through challenges.

Fortnite Pennywise Skin Release Date

How to unlock the Pennywise skin in Fortnite

The Fortnite Pennywise skin has yet to be confirmed, but if it does eventually be announced by Epic Games, you can expect to either be able to buy it outright through the Item Store, or earn it through event challenges. With It balloons appearing around the Fortnite map, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before players are able to unlock and equip this creepy clown skin.

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Before red balloons started appearing about the map, dataminers were able to discover them hidden within newly-updated builds of the game. A “creepy balloon” and “Illinois laugh” pointed towards a potential Fortnite crossover with It Chapter Two, and then it was confirmed. It’s likely that future updates will be datamined successfully and, if there is indeed a Fortnite Pennywise skin coming to the game, it will be found ahead of an announcement.

A Pennywise clown skin popping up in-game would no doubt be terrifying for those who suffer from coulrophobia, but for those without a fear of clowns, the white skin may be easier to detect against the island’s normally very green environment.

We’ll update this guide with any more information about a Fortnite Pennywise skin being announced or datamined. The next patch is expected to roll out between September 10–12. Perhaps Pennywise will be included in that update!