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Gears 5 Ending Choice (SPOILERS) | Who should I save?

The Gears 5 ending choice is the biggest decision you’ll need to make in the game. It directly affects who lives and who dies. If you haven’t yet gotten to the final chapter of Gears of War 5, which is Act 4 Chapter 2, then we’d advise avoiding this guide as it contains major spoilers! If you’re still here, I’m assuming you’re at the point where you need an answer to “Who should I save at the end of Gears 5?” Should you choose to save JD or Del. Unfortunately, there’s no secret ending where both soldiers get to live. You need to make a choice!

Gears 5 Ending Choice | Save JD?

Gears 5 Ending Choice

One of the two Gears 5 ending choices is to save JD. If you save the younger Fenix soldier, you’ll get to see him reconcile with his father in a touching manner. JD is also extremely upset about the loss of Del, keeping the dead soldier’s COG tags. He sobs the words: “I can’t — I couldn’t — I’m s– I’m sorry, buddy. I’m so sorry.”

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Choosing to save JD will also save Marcus Fenix from heartbreak which, if you’re a fan of series, may be worth it for you. However, JD has made many mistakes in his life and him living, with Del dying, may be seen as unjust.

Gears 5 Ending Choice | Save Del?

The Gears 5 ending choice that made the most sense to me while playing, was saving Del. He was the partner of both JD and Kait, putting his life at risk to stick with them through the toughest missions. While JD had made mistakes, Del was there to clean up the mess and assist.

Choosing to save Del, however, will result in a heartbreaking scene with Marcus Fenix, who can’t seem to believe that his son is dead.

Both endings are tough to watch. If you feel like you’re up to it, YouTuber VGS has compiled them both in the video embedded below: