GreedFall Memory Crystals | Locations and what they do

Our GreedFall Memory Crystals guide will be your, ahem, guide if you need some idea of what they do. You’ll also want to know where you can find them, so our list of locations will provide you with areas where you should keep an eye out. Memory Crystals are pretty rare in the game too, so you’ll certainly need to look out for them while you work your way through the campaign. Let’s waste no more time in finding out about GreedFall Memory Crystals, and hop on into what’s what.

GreedFall Memory Crystals | Where to find them

GreedFall Memory Crystals

First, let’s have a look at how you can come across GreedFall Memory Crystals. You can’t buy them in a store, so the only way to get your hands on them is by taking on bosses within the game.

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Luckily, you get your first Memory Crystal by defeating a weak boss in Serene early on in the proceedings. Once you have that one, your best bet is to take on as many bosses in main and side missions, as well as fighting any minibosses, that you may come across. These enemies will sometimes drop Memory Crystals after you beat them, so ensure you collect all of your loot once you do. You won’t miss out on finding them.

GreedFall Memory Crystals | What do I use them for?

GreedFall Memory Crystals

Memory Crystals can be used to get skill points back by removing skills you’ve purchased from the skill tree. This allows you to get points back from skills that you don’t use often or don’t like the look of. You can’t just spam this all of time, though, due to the finite amount of Memory Crystals in-game, so always make sure you want a skill before you pick it.

If you aren’t happy with your selection down the line, you can use a Memory Crystal to discard one skill, get your point refunded back, then use it to purchase a different skill. To do this, go into the Character Development tab. You will see, at the bottom of the screen, that you can expend a Memory Crystal to get a skill point back. Pick which skill you no longer want, then press the corresponding button to remove it. Once this Memory Crystal is used, it’s gone for good, so choose wisely.