GreedFall Level Cap | What’s the max level in GreedFall?

There’s some confusion over what the GreedFall level cap is. There have been contrasting reports that the max level in the game is 50, 99, and 100, so players don’t really know which rank you can ultimately progress to. If you want to find out what the level cap in GreedFall is, our guide on the subject will help you out. Check it out before you begin your journey in-game, and see how much potential grinding you might have to do.

GreedFall Level Cap | How many ranks are there?

GreedFall Level Cap

Let’s waste no time in diving into what the GreedFall level cap is. As we mentioned, there has been plenty of speculation and misinformation about how many ranks there are in the action RPG. You won’t need to worry about what the max level is after reading this guide though.

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Threads had popped up on places like GameFAQs ahead of its release, with people questioning how many levels it would take until you hit the max level. Some seemed to think that it wouldn’t be any higher than level 50, but others were convinced that it would go as high as level 100.

Now that the game is out, we do have a definitive answer. A Reddit thread, started by user trainradio, asked the community what the level cap was in GreedFall. A reply revealed that it was, in fact, level 99.

You should have no problem reaching level 50 by the time the main game ends even if you stick to all of the main quests. If you want to hit the max level before you finish, however, you’ll need to take part in plenty of side missions and other tasks. It’s a lot of grinding to do in order to reach the level cap but, if you want to boast about how highly ranked you are, you’ll have to put in the hard yards.